I’ve finally got around to separating the musical content from http://www.recessiondodgetovictory.wordpress.com onto this dedicated music-related blog. You’ll find all my past reviews below this post, so from here on in you’ll be getting fresh content on gigs that I’ve been to.

In the mean time, there were some other gigs that I had been to but hadn’t managed to cobble together a full review for. The main two were My Bloody Valentine at the Barrowlands and the Jagermeister Tour 2013 with Gojira and Ghost.

My Bloody Valentine impressed less than I expected. They floored the crowd with the anticipated wall of sound that they’re reknowned for (and handed out free earplugs before the gig to reinforce this) but rather than being able to focus on the music I was brought back time and again from a dream-like state to be awakened by really rude, ignorant morons in the crowd: people pushing through a really packed crowd constantly to go get beer instead of just listening to music, people storming past other crowd members to spill aforementioned beverages – it just wasn’t a good atmosphere and it really spoiled the gig. Instead of being wow’d by and impressed by the spectacle I found myself watching my back.

The Jagermeister Tour went down much better and for 5 quid, I struggled to see how it couldn’t! Gojira romped the stage just as much as they did the last time around I got the chance to see them and Ghost weren’t half bad either with their own brand of spectacle-over-music shenanigans.

Coming soon – a review for And So I Will Watch You From Afar at the O2 ABC2.