(First posted on http://www.recessiondodgetovictory.wordpress.com on 23/07/2011)

Disclaimer: As with all my music reviews, this is a blow-by-blow account taken from my own perspective and written mostly for myself as a memory aid. I’m not always an expert on the band in question.

To be honest, I’ve very little to say about this gig, because:

1. I didn’t pay attention to the support act, RM Hubbard. I’m sure he was great, just folk/flamenco/country/accoustic isn’t my thing and I didn’t bother listening to him.

2. Headliners, Godspeed, played almost exactly the same set with exactly the same atmospheric videos to the exactly the same exacting high standards as they did last time I saw them.

One noteworthy mention though, is the organisation of the gig.

When everything goes smoothly for organising a gig, how a gig is organised really ought to be forgetable as a vehicle to the spectacle of the bands on show. Not entirely so here.

Those who attended the gig know that it was originally set for the Barrowlands, arguably Glasgow’s best music venue, as was the case the last time Godspeed played Glasgow back around Christmas time 2010. However, instead of sticking to such a great venue, lack of demand meant Godspeed played a smaller more accoustically challenged location. So if Godspeed are regularly playing blinders, why the lack of demand?

From what I can tell, the reasoning for the low turnout was down to a combination of factors.

Firstly, in December, organisers took a very long time to get tickets out to fans. This left fans some what apprehensive if they were going to receive tickets they book months in advance but had no word of until 2 weeks before the event. This time around a similar issue occurred leaving fans with some anxiety.

Second up, there were a lot of stories of fans not being able to make the trip into Glasgow due to a complete transport shutdown caused by bad weather. Most of the tickets were not refunded since fans couldn’t in to see the show leaving them reluctant to shell out more cash; once bitten, twice as shy.

Finally, December was Godspeed’s return from a long-term indefinite hiatus, and like an enigmatic messiah in the mist, fans flocked to the band for the December show – though fans disappointingly didn’t follow this up for the show tonight, suggesting that perhaps the band need to put out some new material before enticing giggers to be convinced to see them again. At least that’ll be my alibi for not seeing them again if they come to Scotland again any time soon.

Well, that and I really want to see them at the Barras next time – seriously, no excuses – The Arches sound is awful and the more I go there the more frustrated I get with it.

Having said all that, these things pale in comparison to the quality musicianship of the band and shouldn’t have been factors for what was essentially a great show.

P.S. To the guy I saw in the green and white Glassjaw tee tonight – you sir, have good taste. I regret not high-fiving you on the spot.