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Disclaimer: As with all my music reviews, this is a blow-by-blow account taken from my own perspective and written mostly for myself as a memory aid. I’m not always an expert on the band in question.

Boredoms were scheduled to show up 2:30 to start of the first All Tomorrow’s Parties gig in Japan. In truth they started a lot closer to 3 o’clock.

After the long wait with my co-conspirator including a long chat about bands we’d seen, events we’d been to and caption contesting what we thought the techs and roadies were saying as they checked the 6 drumkits and various accompanying sensors, a nice chap from Georgia, who had heard us talking, started to talk to us – at which point the gig started. Sorry nice chap from Georgia!

Conductor-cum-frontman Eye showed up in a straw hat looking shamanastically tranced – fitting considering the swirling, climactic, drum-based music we were about to experience. That or he was wasted out of his face on substances. We will never know…

Cue roughly 40 minutes of climactic build-ups, simmering come-downs, 6-way rhythm co-ordinated percussion and chants and a Japanese guy who looked like a shaman flagellating in the middle of it all simultaneously conducting the drummers and tripping sound sensors with his movements. For the first act of the day it was an amazing introduction of what would come.

I wasn’t even prepared for it properly as I still had my bag with all my clothes and stuff in it strapped firmly on instead of in a locker. I can still imagine the frustration of the person behind me as they tried to dodge my rucksack.

They wouldn’t have been the only frustrated person though. Bag or no bag, all I wanted to do was dance and with one guy standing in between me and the seething masses bobbing in time to the beat I just wanted to push past him. There’s a big part of me that still says, “Well, why didn’t you, chubs!?”

Almost as frustrating is the lack of continuity Boredoms have with their live sets and CD recordings. I had already heard a fair whack of their extensive back-catalogue before I arrived but Boredoms take the spirit of evolving and expanding music one step further by playing almost entirely original shows every time they take to the stage. This is a blessing and a curse.

Regardless, it made me want more and I’ll be trying to see them again in the future whenever possible. If you’re interest in expanding your musical horizons, I’d recommend you do the same.

Edit: Whaddya know, there’s a video of the performance here! Thanks Dimitris!