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I’m jumping around like fuck to this:


Boogie! Wiggle! Jive! Get on down!:

Today is a japanese ska day. Bring on the trumpets!:

“Crush! Kill! Destroy! CRUSH! KILL! DESTROY!”

I love the bass throughout this whole album.


And now for some live action:

I’ve been listening to loads of these guys on repeat recently so choosing one song was tricky. I think if you like this one you’re likely to like most of their other stuff too. However, I have no idea what the video is about 😛 :

Dat bass!

Dat bass.

I just had a moment while uploading this – one of those moments that can’t be replicated; the advert before this song was this homely, relaxed adverts for some sort of ladies treatment. It abruptly ended and kicked into this. Thank you youtube 🙂

I chose this as the song of the day since today feels like a crackin’ day for a bike ride. I used to listen at top speed on repeat to this and gun it down empty streets at night in Yamanashi on my bike. Good times:

I’ve been thinking about Japan again lately. Could I go back? Should I go back? These big questions never felt important or necessary to answer while I was there. It spent a lot of my time there in a nonchalant state doing what I wanted. Their music reflects that:

From one Japanese composer to another, the full album “The Boy and the Tree” by Susumu Yokota is a lyricless, otherworldly journey full of distance and echoing sounds that serve to transfer you from your boring train commute to another place. One for headphones and immersing yourself into: