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A band of my youth, Far offered a more emotive aspect to the Sacramento trio of power they were associated with; Will Haven and Deftones being the other two. Between Jonah Matranga’s vocal range that varied from croon to bile and Shaun “Slopez” Lopez’s chunky riffs, I’m a little sad they didn’t catch on more here in Scotland. Great band, great album, great track.



From the softer third of Alexisonfire’s triangle of vocal power, Dallas Green, we get a crackin’ wee poppy, bob-along where he laments women cutting him out and putting them on their shelves to suit their own needs. Save those scissors ladies:

The only thing I love more than getting song recommendations from friends is getting it from bands I like. Toe recently put this on their Facebook page as a song that inspired their twinkly guitar-driven post-rock.  It reminds me of being a teenager again:

With pretty guitar lines and emo lyrical stylings, I ask, whatever happened to American Football?: