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I might just have a new favourite band:



Another ‘get shit done’ song. I love going for long walks and clearing my head so I can prepare myself to go do legitimate work to this tune. Great band all round:


This song makes me feel like I’m sleepwalking into something euphoric. Step by step, each instrument added is a new sense opening up. A Christian band putting out something that feels biblical:

This uplifting little ditty was recommended to me by Lastfm because of my listens to Long Distance Calling and Maybeshewill. For fans of both of those or post-rock in general:

Minimalist, experimental post-rock. His other tracks sound like music for whales but this one’s a little different:

Today I needed reminding why the world is a beautiful place. This helped:

What a beautiful day. I’m off to enjoy it, however here’s a song that fits, whatever the weather is wherever you are:

Beautiful post-rock:

For some, this song comes like an epiphany: