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I’m jumping around like fuck to this:


Disclaimer: As with all my music reviews, this is a blow-by-blow account taken from my own perspective and written mostly for myself as a memory aid. I’m not always an expert on the band in question. Massive thanks go out to the Setlistfm, Lastfm and the Youtubers whose content that I have used either indirectly or directly in this blog post.

I’m sorry The Arches, but it’s not me – it’s you.

I can no longer stand near the front of your set without the music going fuzzy and ringing in my ears after 45 minutes. You put doors on at 7pm and despite me showing up at 8pm; a full hour after billing. There was no support or even a DJ set to get into while I waited for Omar to show up at 9pm. While I waited, I paid your mad over-inflated prices for the last time.
When he did show, he stuck around until 10pm – an hour’s worth of live music – for the Arabian princely sum of £15 (plus booking fee).

Despite the quality acts you put on, I don’t think I can afford to have another potentially awesome gig spoiled by you. It’ll take someone truly special for me to be back at your venue. We’re done.

Let’s move on to the music.

If you haven’t heard Omar Souleyman’s music, take a Syrian wedding singer and then add some beats and you’ve got the instant party from last night.

Listening to him live is exactly what you would expect – 100% boogeylicious! Up, down and side-to-side, Omar and his keyboardist took a sparse Saturday night crowd who had spent the majority of their evening waiting for him to appear, and moved it into motion.

However, as mentioned above, he did step off the stage after 45 minutes only to come back on stage for 15 minutes more before saying his abrupt farewell to the crowd, who were standing around waiting for a reappearance. In the face of his 5 album back-catalogue and wealth of songs to choose from, they had every right to be hoping for more. Souleyman’s appearance was sweet, but short.

If you see his name on live music listings and you need somewhere new to go to shake your thing to, Souleyman will provide a proper wee treat. If he sticks around longer next next time, you might even be able to make a night of it as a substitute for the regular pubs and clubs in Glasgow.

1. Be a kid hoping to get out of your small, shitty Scottish village with precisely one bus, one road and just under a thousand people who hate everything around them including themselves.

2. Grow up to be an adult who flies away around the world to get out of said small, shitty Scottish village.

3. Come back to said small, shitty Scottish village.

4. Figure out a way to live there.

5. ??????

6. Profit.



Mon the trumpets ya bas!

Thanks for this Dom, I needed it.

El Moustro, it’s been a while. Early Modest Mouse, ye cannae beat it. One of their slower, more contemplative classics:

I didn’t get into Tool for the longest time. I’m glad I discovered them eventually:

I’d heard a lot of people making positive noises about Death Grips and their live shows but upon first listen of “Ex-Military” I just couldn’t get it at all. I tried again a couple more times and still didn’t see the appeal until I cracked open the opener from “Money Store”. This is that track:

So you’ve seen Jools Holland – most of your bands there are jazzy, piano ensembles – background music but then your favourite band of the moment comes on to play and you see this on BBC2 of all things:

What a beautiful mess.

I’m not sure if it can top that but here’s a more tuneful version of the song:

We’re back with our series of similar songs with a battle between two big uplifting choons. First up is The Cult with their triple S alliteration followed by their modern compatriots, arena rock giants, Foo Fighters.

What I would give to see this band live… here’s the video that got me into their unique brand of prog meets post-hardcore