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It’s been a while since our last similar songs comparison but this time we look at two different awkward build ups, specifically from 2:04 onwards in this little ditty by Enter Shikari…


… And from 2:28 onwards in the trendtacular “The Fox” by Ylvis:


So, are we getting tingles yet? 😀


We’re back with our series of similar songs with a battle between two big uplifting choons. First up is The Cult with their triple S alliteration followed by their modern compatriots, arena rock giants, Foo Fighters.

Part 4 is brought to you by rock legends Queen and the founders of rap, the Sugarhill Gang, and their awesome basslines

This series wouldn’t be complete without experimental math-metal of The Dillinger Escape Plan versus… The Dillinger Escape Plan ?


“Throw more shit faggots”

Next up, funk legends Red Hot Chilli Peppers vs. nu-metal-cum-industrialists Static-X. What could be more different, you ask. Not the guitar, that’s for sure:

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First up, Japanese pop-punkers Ellegarden vs. rockers of yesterday, poppers of today, Biffy Clyro:

Do these songs sound similar to you?