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Such a carefree, happy song. Classic funny film too:


Boogie! Wiggle! Jive! Get on down!:

From the great game, Chrono Trigger, comes a great soundtrack – here’s a taste:

I always wondered why this band weren’t bigger. They release record after record of really interesting, great music – some romping big tunes, others really tuneful and beautiful; I think this track captures both of those elements:

El Moustro, it’s been a while. Early Modest Mouse, ye cannae beat it. One of their slower, more contemplative classics:

I didn’t get into Tool for the longest time. I’m glad I discovered them eventually:

I’d heard a lot of people making positive noises about Death Grips and their live shows but upon first listen of “Ex-Military” I just couldn’t get it at all. I tried again a couple more times and still didn’t see the appeal until I cracked open the opener from “Money Store”. This is that track:

So you’ve seen Jools Holland – most of your bands there are jazzy, piano ensembles – background music but then your favourite band of the moment comes on to play and you see this on BBC2 of all things:

What a beautiful mess.

I’m not sure if it can top that but here’s a more tuneful version of the song:

What I would give to see this band live… here’s the video that got me into their unique brand of prog meets post-hardcore


Did you know Adamski got the rights for this? This track doesn’t appear on Seal’s album; he gets a kind of quieter, accoustic-ish version of it.