I might just have a new favourite band:


I’m jumping around like fuck to this:

Chilled, laid back dub meets hip hop:

So, so much coke. But I love it – yodelling, a bajillion drum fills and miniature solos of all sorts everywhere. Such 70s. Wow. Much prog. So drugs:


And the epic live version:

Loop, rinse, repeat. Taken from the moody but pretty browser game ‘Coma’:


Such a carefree, happy song. Classic funny film too:

Another ‘get shit done’ song. I love going for long walks and clearing my head so I can prepare myself to go do legitimate work to this tune. Great band all round:


This song makes me feel like I’m sleepwalking into something euphoric. Step by step, each instrument added is a new sense opening up. A Christian band putting out something that feels biblical:

Fantastic post-rock, available as a free download from his bandcamp page: